Monday, March 31, 2014

Water, Water, Everywhere, How About a Drop to Drink?

Have you gotten a set of Paul Wheaton's Permaculture Playing cards yet? Many of the topics featured on these beautiful and sneakily educational cards have a bearing on natural water management strategies. Order on Amazon here

Ace of Clubs: Hugelkultur

King of Spades: Sepp Holzer

Queen of Clubs: Greening Deserts
Jack of Spades: Mike Oehler
Jack of Hearts: Willie Smits
Jack of Clubs: Allan Savory
Jack of Diamonds: Art Ludwig
Ten of Spades: Paddock Shift Systems
Ten of Hearts: Greywater
Nine of Clubs: Jean Pain
Eight of Spades: Natural Swimming Pool
Eight of Clubs: Tefa
Eight of Diamonds: The Man Who Planted Trees
Seven of Hearts: Pigs
Seven of Clubs: Pee
Seven of Diamonds: Replacing Irrigation with Permaculture;
Six of Spades: Ben Law
Five of Clubs: Beyond Compost
Five of Diamonds: Wind and Berms;
Three of Spades: Food Forest
Three of Clubs: Dry Outhouse

The difficulty of accessing fresh potable water in many parts of the world including our West Coast has become an increasingly serious problem. Can this problem be solved with Permaculture inspired solutions?

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