Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Can We Heal the Economy and Enhance Our Own Growing More Food???

Huh? Is this a simplistic idea?

Today we have a staggering percentage of Americans on government programs such as Food Stamps and Medicaid. At the same time our government is loaded with debt and facing huge upcoming expenses promised by programs initiated decades ago.

How to cope? Austerity measures? Higher taxes? Neither strategy is likely to be politically acceptable.

Now consider the following progression instead:

Let's tap into "Nature's Money" by turning compostables into fertile soil, harvest rainwater, and reuse gray water in the garden, save our own seed and propagate our own plants, then, with the help of a team of like minded friends...
Together we can become healthier and more self reliant...

So...even if our earnings are low, our expenses can be even lower!

Can this kind of austerity feel more like luxury?
Can a self reliant citizenry be the basis for lower government costs and less need for taxes?

I'm trying this strategy out in my personal life. Please join me!

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