Monday, December 24, 2012

Reflecting on Ethics for a Better World

As our year comes to a close in a season normally filled with joy and celebration, many hearts are heavy because of the toll both of natural disasters and human tragedies. Is it possible for humans to live in harmony with the Earth and with each other?

Care of People
Care of the Earth
Having a Surplus to Share

Who in today's world follows these three principles? Actually there are so very many that we can list.

Some of the organizations and businesses:
New York Cares
Occupy Sandy
Khan Academy
Acumen Fund
The Working World
Habitat for Humanity
NY Restoration Project
Just Food
Green Thumb
City Harvest
Polyface Farms
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Some of the individuals:
Joe Leuken  (
Salman Khan
Jacqueline Novogratz
Brendan Martin
Vicki Robin (and deceased partner Joe Dominguez)
Bette Midler
Dr. John Todd
Colin Beavan
Cecil Scheib
Will Allen
Joel Salatin
Henry Gifford
Chris Benedict
Gennaro Brooks-Church
Bill Mollison
David Holmgren
Sepp Holzer
Rob Hopkins
There are so many many more (including my wonderful colleagues at Green New Yorkers Meetup!) Which organizations and individuals would you like to add?

Coincidentally ;-), the three ethics: earth care, people care and fair share  form the foundation for Permaculture Design.

Can we ever have a modern global society based on these principles rather than the currently popular but highly destructive Social Darwinism? Let's start with Permaculture education and practice. From there we can build a community of social and business networks with likeminded people.

Local Permaculture Teachers:
Claudia Joseph
Andrew Faust
Julie Welch

Revolutions have started this way. 
On with the Permaculture Revolution!

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