Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Another World Is Possible: 4 videos for July 4th

This July 4th week, as we celebrate the world's oldest democracy, let's reflect on the many positive grassroots initiatives that are underway.

Please view these 4 videos:

Andrew Faust: "Another world is possible!"

Nic Esposito: "Right here, right now, I think we humans beings are at our most just, most humane, most Earth conscious, than we have ever been before on this planet."

Penny Livingston-Stark: "The good news is, the solutions are here, they are available on every scale."

Charlie Hoxie:  Passive Passion, a documentary film "introducing the Passive House standard, a design method that incorporates insulation, air tightness, and heat recovery ventilation to achieve staggering reductions in the energy required to heat and cool a building".

In 1976 a computer simulation team led by Wayne Schick at the Small Homes Council at University of Illinois Urbana developed a design called the
Lo-Cal house. The house was never built, but its design features pioneered the key design facets of today's Passive Houses.

Fast forward to 2012, New York architect, Gennaro Brooks-Church is currently building an Earthship House on Manhattan's Lower East Side.
 earthship Earthship and Passive House

Enjoy the fireworks!

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